The Mind

The mind In regards to mindset! We are referring to positive thinking, visualizing good out comes in opposite times. This mindfulness thinking is a crucial component in the recovery of optimal health. When battling a illness, disease or medical condition keep a strong mind, stay focused on positive outcomes and try to remove all negative thoughts! The mind is the strongest body part we have, it tells all muscles and organs what to do. Direct the mind, show and tell it, what you want and it will listen!


The great power of an emotion! This invisible aspect of the human body can be easily overlooked when talking about health and healing. In fact, it is a determining factor in most cures, illnesses, and diseases an emotion can make a person sick or it can heal. This is backed by the best scientific research! The happier you are the healthier you are, this shift in emotional states is not easy especially when your faced with unpleasant experiences. Those who can master their emotions can overcome any illness, disease or medical condition. We have all experienced the power of these emotions passion, love, and courage. Now remember the positive energy and strength those emotions have brought. Harness those memories and tap back into those positive emotions…


Breathing is the life line to this existence, cut off the oxygen supply to the human body and it will not last more then a few minutes! As humans we over look the power and importance of ones breath. We breathe unconsciously without having to think about it. Breathing consciously gives us powerful abilities to change the chemistry of the body on a cellular level! Breathing techniques promote health and healing both physically and mentally. At birth we breathe in our first breath, when death arrives we breathe out our last breath. While we live lets take in many deep breaths and make them count! We are a living breathing being. Start by taking in deeper breaths all the way in and exhale all the way out minimum of ten times…


When it comes to health and healing, meditation and consciousness play intricate rolls in creating optimal states of being. Meditation gives us the ability to tap into universal and planetary energies, these energies activate healing within the body. Meditation is said to be the gateway to other dimensions of life, where one can reach a clarity to navigate through difficult times in life. Heal the mind, body and spirit become in-tune with the self. Start by taking a deep breath close your eyes and practice letting go of all thoughts for a few seconds, then minutes and eventually hours.

Plant Based 

As human being the earth is our home, naturally the planet provides plants for us to eat and nourish our bodies. Each plant has natural compounds perfectly designed to help our cells, muscles and organs operate at a optimal level! The human body was designed to eat these incredible plants on a daily basis, to continuously sustain health and healing within the body. The 21st century is filled with foods that never existed 100 years ago, these intakes disrupt the promotion of healing. Food is medicine for the body. Stick to the basics of survival eat plant based food consistently, drink alkaline 9.5 pH water and experience the change within you!


Hundreds and thousands of years ago humans would go days without eating depending on the season. Naturally the body has a built in protocol for these times rebooting and regenerating the body on a cellular level! When the body is deprived of nutrients it goes into protection mode! Protecting cells and the immune system, creating longevity better health and well being. Humans have made it this far in evolution by sticking to the basics of survival. When in doubt just drink water look back in time and learn from our ancestors.


Moving the body is essential to optimal health, Nature has designed the body to move! No matter what condition we may be in always try to get some type of movement going, this movement creates an activation within the body! Delivering blood to stagnated areas, creating proper blood flow throughout the body. Exercising isn’t just about building muscle and looking good! Physical movement plays a huge roll in our internal structure, keeping the organs working properly ultimately creating internal beauty! To feel better keep the body moving in both the good and bad times in life. Health is dependent on movement of the body, mind and spirit. Don’t staying stagnant just keep moving!


The sleep state of being, half our lives is spent sleeping. The levels and depths we hit during sleep is crucial to our waking state of being. Our health, strength and energy depend on how and when we sleep. Everything from emotional to physical and mental habits are linked to sleep. When battling a medical condition or illness become aware of sleep patterns try to get into a deep restful sleep known as delta waves. Create a consistent sleep regiment this will boost the healing and recovery process.

The Cold

The cold has the ability to bring life improvements and immune system control, proven under scientific study! Their is a certain type of energy the cold brings to the human body, I am sure we have all felt that rush of energy when hit with a sudden burst of cold? It fills your body activates your muscles and causes us to breathe deeply, creating blood flow and movement within the body. The Cold if harnessed and used with intent has the ability to heal leading to optimal health! Start by taking a shower with warm water gradually turning the nob to cold day by day the body will adjust and you will begin to experience the energies, powers and benefits of a cold shower.

The Heat 

Heat exposure comes with an array of health and healing benefits! From hot packs to ancient Indian techniques like Sweat Lodges both aid in healing. Longevity is linked too frequent sauna users, as well as cardiovascular benefits, when the human body is exposed to high heat temperatures it creates proper blood flow through out the body along with cellular benefits referred to as heat shock proteins. Start by taking a hot bath set the water temperature to a endurable level and soak. Sound frequencies and oils is advised.


Every wonder where the energy goes, when a lightning bolt hits the ground? The earth absorbs the energy and stores it in the ground. When we simply remove our shoes and place our bare feet onto the sand, dirt, mud, grass and even cement! We begin connecting with the earth tapping into the energy grid bringing into the body energy, balance, health and healing. Grounding has also been linked to restful sleep and calmness depending on what the body needs the earth will provide. All we have to do is take our shoes off, place our bare feet into or on the earth and absorb all its goodness. Utilize this healing technique, it’s so simple yet super effective.

Sound Frequencies 

Sound frequencies are powerful tools for healing! Their is a sudden burst of joy and energy when one listens to a specific sound, we can also experience a very relaxed and calming sensation! Centuries ago our ancient ancestors have utilized sound and its vibrations within the body for healing. The power of frequencies is not to be over looked the evidence is everywhere! Simply listen to your favorite song and you will begin to feel the healing powers, happiness and energies rise from within. Certain types of sound frequencies can help heal the body leading to optimal health. Start by listening to 432Hz and 528Hz…

Please take this information and do further research, how to heal the body of any illness or diseases! All information on this page is just a baseline introduction, we wish to help everyone expand their awareness and see all the avenues that lead to optimal health and healing.

The Your Life News Feed, will provide videos and posts touching back on all these healing methods! Stay strong and know we built this platform to help you find your way through this ruff patch in life! Love, Health, Strength and Energy to all who visit this page…