Emotions the invisible forces within us all, they tap into our thoughts, make us do things we wouldn’t normally do and say things we wouldn’t normally say. This is evidence, showing the power of an emotion, how it can drive a person to create an action based on the mode of emotion we may be in.

Example: Happy, sad, mad, love Mode. These modes are always battling for the driver seat, to in a sense drive “The Human Body” controlling us through our thoughts, then actions.

Its almost as if they are not being registered, we are unaware of being in an emotional state. Fully able to see it’s presence once the explosion of emotion has past. On this health and healing journey of life its well advised to keep the emotions properly monitored. Imagine it as the command center that tells the mind what to do.

Many studies have shown how emotions and illness are closely related. Lets start by wanting to be more conscious and aware of emotions, learning to detect them early. Anytime we feel uncomfortable that is a good indication we are in an emotional states of being. The purpose is to catch it in the act and transform it into your preferred emotional state of being.