The mind can run all day and night if we allow it, we have all experienced a sleepless night due to unwanted thoughts.

The mind can be a very powerful tool when it comes to health and healing, it can also cause and accelerate illnesses, diseases or medical conditions. Realize that the mind is our best friend and our worst enemy, that reality all depends on us how we guide, direct and maneuver the mind. Imagine the ability to stop all unwanted chatter of the mind this priceless ability will require practice, awareness and self discipline but it can be done with ease, once we are in tune with the mind.

This invisible force inside of us known as the mind can be seen and observed but to do so we must focus our attention within. See the mind, tell it what you want and it will listen. The mind has many layers and dimensions, we will dive deeper into these realms in time, for now lets just be conscious and aware of its abilities. How it can run our life without any particular direction, simply driving the body on old thought, patterns and habits.

Think about your thoughts, now think about how many of those thought are the same day in day out. See that your thoughts are primarily the same daily, its more like a pattern or habit of the mind, a replay. The task at hand is to simply be in awareness of the mind observe its patterns and habits…

Healing is dependent on the mind observe, tap in and tune into it.