Grounding also known as earthing connects us to the earth’s energy grids.

We live in a modern world where the sun’s energy is harnessed and stored by solar panels. Imagine the ground in that sense, its constantly being super charged by the sun. On the other hand, countless lightning bolts are crashing into the ground being absorbed and sored by the earth for us to tap into! All we must do is take our shoes off and allow our bear feet to touch the dirt, grass, sand, or water.

Depending on what the body needs, we can begin experiencing a surge of energy or a sense of tranquility and calmness. This is not just a spiritual conception its back by peer reviewed science, scientifically proven to improve, balance and reboot the body on a cellular, neurological level!

Begin your grounding practice by going outside on your property at a park, or at the beach! Morning midday, evening, or night! Find a spot that attracts you, take your shoes and socks off place your bear feet onto the ground standing or sitting. Breath in deep breaths of air and simply take in the energy 5 to 10 minuets is a great starting point, for creating the daily habit of grounding.