Sleep it has many levels depths and dimensions but before we venture off into those realms let us look at it from its simplest forms. We as humans have all felt the power when sleep hits its guaranteed to knock us unconscious!

Once in this unconscious space one can end up anywhere! In a dream, nightmare or that space and time of nothingness where restfulness is found. Recall the joy experienced when jumping into a cozy bed after a long day or waking up fully charged after sleeping in a bit longer!

Sleep is what our bodies desire by design, for it is the way to recover, reboot and regenerate on a cellular level. There is no health or healing without proper sleep, with that in mind lets set a specific time frame for getting in bed. We are all different some are night owls’ others are early birds! The time to get in bed varies, the goal is to ensure we get enough sleep some are good with only 4 hours if meditation is practiced throughout the day, others may require 8 hours.

Choose a sleep regimen that works for you, this will help keep the bodies systems balanced, healthy and centered when conscious or unconscious.