Meditation, being or becoming aware of the true self.

Letting go of the mind and all it’s chatter. Breathing in and out letting go of all thoughts, feelings and emotions. Simply observing how you can observe the mind, watch a thought come in and then releasing it back, to where thoughts come from. Being left in a thoughtless space, were time becomes irrelevant.

Meditation has many levels and dimensions, there are energy grids on the earth and universe fields of energy all though space and time. We can tap into those energies at all times but especially while being in a meditation the further into the session the more amplified the energy. It has also been known to be a great substitute for sleep, some yogis meditate for 4 hours throughout the day and sleep the other 4 hours at night.

Imagine the meditation practice like sleeping consciously instead of unconsciously. Being able to experience life for just a few more hours out of the day, from a different perspective of conscious life. Sleep and being unconscious is a whole other topic of life.

Lets start by taking in 10 deep breaths all the way in and all the way out. Focus on your breathing allow your thoughts to fade while your focus becomes your breath, eventually you will be left in a silence simply observing the silence in peace, for a few seconds, minutes, then eventually hours as you continue to practice. Imagine that ability to be fully energized and in coherence with the mind and the true self.