When talking about health and healing plant food, plant medicine, plant hydration, should always be in the conversation. By design the planet is filled with thousands of edible plants, the human body is meant and made to ingest this medicinal food to balance, heal or maintain optimal health.

Plant based nutrition is very recommended for those battling a illness, disease or medical condition. Also for living a long healthy life but in today’s world despite all the benefits being vegan or eating a plant based diet just sounds nasty and unappealing to most people. This is due to being accustom to foods that never existed 100 years ago, meat, dairy and starchy diets. Most of us have been feed or consumed these types of foods our whole life, our taste buds are not wired for plants.

Now after endless research, we have discovered that food is a main factor in illness and disease, it is also a factor in health and healing. When wanting to transition into a plant based diet, start by adding fruit and vegetable juice or smoothies into your already established diet. First thing in the morning on a empty stomach. Once your taste pallet has adjusted to plant enjoying taste buds begin adding them to meals you already consume. Gradually reduce the meat quantity intake and substitute with a plant based protein.

Due this until you have no more meat on your plate, by this point you will have transitioned and transformed your plate into a plant based meals.