The vibration of sound penetrates the soul, music has touched us humans in the deepest parts of our inner being. We resonate with it, we can not see the sound waves but we can sure feel it! That is the evidence of sound vibrations and frequencies, even if it can’t be seen we can feel it, hear it and know that something is moving us from the outside in. Centuries ago quarts crystal sound bath healing was used by the Egyptians and many other ancient civilizations, chants, singing and instruments are well documented in history.

The evidence is everywhere simply play your favorite song and begin to feel good positive energy move through your entire body, naturally you vibe with certain frequencies and vibrations. 432 Hz 528 Hz and may other frequencies can be utilized for health and healing and just like everything in life there are bad frequencies that due damage to the body, mind and spirit.

Lets see the powers of sound, music, frequencies and vibrations. This world of sound runs deep and we have just began to scratch the surface, as this platform grows we will begin to dig deeper into the wonderful world of sound frequencies. For now listen to your favorite song, crystal bowl tone frequencies, energy music, chants explore the new and ancient world of music.