The heat is loved by us all especially in cold times, too hot and we begin to move away. Naturally us humans like the feeling of comfort but the reality is that in order to grow, evolve and change we need uncomfortable circumstances.

Hot water or hot air can definitely put us in an uncomfortable state of being and that is where all the magic begins to take form. For centuries many ancient civilizations discovered this reality and would willingly put there-self in high heat environments to facilitate healing on a cellular and spiritual level.

The heat can help strengthen the body and mind, there are many scientific peer reviewed studies that show the healing benefits of heat or hot temperature exposure. Start this journey by taking a hot bath, fix the water temperature to a endurable level, the point of this exercise is to push past the uncomfortable into the comfortable re conforming our normal parameters of comfort.

Continue to increase the temperature in time, if no bath tub access sauna, or steam shower would be the next best options.