The cold is full of energy and power, we have all felt that sudden surge of strength when hit with a gust of cold wind! That is the evidence of its truest potential, when talking about health and healing. Imagine if our intention is set on harnessing the strength and power of the cold for healing or maintaining optimal health, how much can we harness how much can we heal?

Peer reviewed science shows that if one harnesses the powers of the cold, cellular changes begin to take form inside the body. The cold is a powerful force harnessing its power, will take all the mental and physical strength you posses.

The cold will make us feel extremely uncomfortable, it can make us feel fear! On this journey of life we must learn to face our fears to overcome unimaginable obstacles like beating an illness, disease or medical condition. Find the courage to overcome the cold and your worst fears, on this journey of health and healing passion for life will be our greatest tool…

Lets start by taking a cold shower, set the temperature to warm gradually turning the nob to cold take your time and ease into the cold, be one with it, be it, feel it, harness its power and healing potential. Let that be your intention.