The human body and movement are a pair for life. This fine peace of technology we refer to as our body is capable of stunning performances! Its physical abilities can appear to be out of this world, we have been known to perform unimaginable stunts, exercises and movements. The ultimate athletes.

Lets touch on some basics like simple human motions, stretching, walking, swimming and movement in general. When we are faced with unpleasant times or positions, our natural instinct is to move. This unpleasantness can also create stagnation, making us feel like we don’t want to move a muscle!

If healthy or being faced with a illness, disease or medical condition proper nutrition, rest and recovery is advised before venturing off into motion. It doesn’t have to be exercise with repetition, when starting it’s simply about moving the body creating blood flow throughout the body. This will naturally activate healing, pulling pooled blood back into circulation, back into motion. Remember how good it feels to be a little sore throughout your whole body! From a full day of moving around.

Lets remember the power of basic human movement, Choose your favorite way to move and begin doing the movement daily.