Those who fast may last, fasting has been utilized by nature since the beginning of life. A human or animal would go days without eating not by choice but by design. The body goes into a preservation mode, repairing and rebooting itself on a cellular level! The ultimate recovery mode for the body is a good fast and good sleep, there are many different types of fasting methods 24 hr water only fast, 24 hr juice fast, watermelon fast etc.

In today’s world people are stuffing there belly’s to max capacity because of an emotion or habit not hunger. Lets tap back into the habits that got us this far in evolution, our ancestors fasted and their are some in today’s world who fast by choice, despite having an abundance of food all around the environment.

The physical benefits are amazing but the main attraction is the non physical aspect of fasting, everything becomes much clearer, from a mind, body and spirit perspective. we are much more then a body.

Lets start by doing a 14 or 16 hr fast, eat whats needed within a 10 or 8 hr window, drinking only water for 14 to 16 hrs. Increase the fasting hrs by increments of 2 hrs per week until you reach a 24 hour fast, this is a more gradual approach. Changing old habits or patterns to implement new ones is a tough task but with the right intention, courage and strength all changes and implementations are possible and most importantly made to last!